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Country scene Ireland.

Case study: TETRA Ireland

Client: TETRA Ireland Communications Ltd/Motorola Solutions Ltd

Industry: public safety

The Tetra Ireland project involved our training 9,273 officers of An Garda Síochána, as subcontractors to Motorola Solutions. We trained in 20 different locations across the country, when the existing police radio system in Ireland was replaced. For major population centres, such as the Dublin Metropolitan Region, we ran courses at several training centres simultaneously, in different parts of the city. The brief was that there could be no disruption on the ground, so our training had to be quick and effective. In order to minimise the effect on operations, we ran training sessions from 0600 to 2300. Each Garda was issued with a new handset - a logistical feat of its own: 160 encrypted radios were shipped around the country, and formally issued at the beginning of each day.  Our project managers lived in Ireland for the 18-month duration of the project, because it was too important to be managed remotely. Our senior project  manager attended planning meetings from the outset, to advise what would be possible in view of the scale of the project, and its tight deadlines. Jazztech uses a system of master instructors on large training projects, so that everything is kept on track. Apart from managing the day-to-day issues on behalf of the project manager, and writing daily reports, they also serve as substitute trainers, so that no course is ever cancelled. Their omnipresence means instructors can concentrate on the instruction, and customer satisfaction. We search hard for just the right trainers for every project. For TETRA Ireland we interviewed scores of good trainers. We picked people who were positive, personable, and very experienced. They quickly became a tight-knit team, working alongside the Garda College, and regionally-based police trainers. We are experienced in teaching collaboratively on training projects. In Ireland we trained 60 Garda instructors first, who supplied operational context to our technical training. In all, we delivered 4,168 hours of training, and the new system was able to go live as planned. Tetra Ireland’s case study of this project

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