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Training - TETRA and ESN

End user training

Good training makes all the difference in emergency situations. We usually train people in their own working environment, using their own equipment, so that the courses are realistic and memorable. Fire procedures are different from police procedures, and different from hospital procedures, or humanitarian response. So every course is tailored to your own circumstances, and covers: • Using your handset safely and comfortably • Making emergency calls • Group calls • Operating in areas of poor coverage • Getting the most from the built-in safety features • Troubleshooting or reviving your handset • Using data management features to reduce voice traffic • For covert operations: setting stealth features, and checking encryption levels for increased security. We can deliver training in conjunction with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or you can buy courses or consulting directly from Jazztech.  We train on a range of radio/cellular handsets, from many manufacturers, including Motorola, EADS, Sepura and Cleartone. Please ask for details.

Control room training

Using your own real-life emergency scenarios, we teach: • Finding your way around your new console system • Using team voice and data features • Fast dispatch to emergencies • Patching, for multi-team interoperation • All-points bulletin calls to multiple teams • Configuring the interface for convenience and speed.

RF Infrastructure training

Learn how to bring base stations back to life, as quickly as possible: • Field-replaceable parts, and their functions • Troubleshooting a base station, to pinpoint faulty components • Stripping down and rebuilding a base station • Configuring replacement parts for optimal performance • Post-maintenance conformance testing • Using remote network management tools • Preventative maintenance and testing.
End user training Control room training RF Infrastructure training

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+44 (0)1522 869771