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writing & design

Technical writing

Jazztech designs and develops new course materials, or revises existing courses to improve the instruction and presentation. Our writers come from different technical and commercial  backgrounds - from military to creative - which makes our technical materials interesting and distinctive. All our writers are, or were, technical trainers themselves, so understand what will engage students, and what other trainers need as teaching materials. We write everything you might expect, such as training courses, instruction manuals, booklets, handouts and help files. We also write interactive training, which involves not only writing the slides, but writing the scripts for the narrator, and any on-screen characters. We are happy to lead or collaborate on large writing projects with many subject matter experts, where version control is crucial. And we are experienced in adapting the same courses or materials for different markets or nations, which makes the most of your training investment.

Design services

So that you have what you need in one place, we offer graphic design services related to the materials we produce: Templates: we can match your training design to other corporate branding, and supply a full set of templates for future use. Photographs: we can retouch supplied photographs, or source additional  royalty-free photographs for your training. Graphics: Many technical illustrations become outdated over time, or their quality degrades following frequent copying. We can update illustrations to restore their clarity, making changes to any labels, and removing fringe pixels and unwanted backgrounds.  

+44 (0)1522 869771

+44 (0)1522 869771